The Pretty Little Lifters Podcast covers the dimensions of wellness like: physical (workouts, weightlifting, nutrition, meal prep, etc), mental (anxiety, stress), emotional, social (beauty standards), career (teacher life, work life balance), intellectual, environmental, and financial (gym expenses, budgeting) Let's break the cycle of diet culture, one lift at a time! 

EVERYTHING we wish we learned in P.E. and Health class

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The Pretty Little Lifters is an online community for women who want to learn how to get strong, love their bodies, and feel more comfortable in the gym. Being healthy doesn’t have to be restrictive. In fact, it can be freeing and fun. The Pretty Little Lifters provides guidance and resources for health educators and women of all skill levels, ages, abilities, and body types to learn how to lift weights, boost their confidence, and ultimately become the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves.

We encourage women to take up space, and push back against what society tells them they need to look and feel like. 


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The PLL mission is, first and foremost, to inspire women and girls to build the confidence to lift barbells and become critical consumers of “diet culture.” We help our community curate a new mindset surrounding fitness–that it’s not about getting smaller, but more about what you can do with your body when it’s strong.

We are improving life for the next generation of women by helping them build confidence that they can take up space both in life and in the weight room.

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